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emily braidwood insoles

We believe shoes speak louder than words. So when the occasion arises and you need to don your best, the Emily Braidwood insoles combine revolutionary research with podiatric clinical wisdom so you can trip the night fantastic in your beautiful heels.

The Emily Braidwood concept grew from Emily recognising that the products on the market failed to deliver sustained comfort and customised orthotics were often unsuitable for fashionable footwear. It took years of conducting experiments and research during thousands of clinical consultations before Emily discovered that during the use of a heeled shoe (over 4cm) fatigue occurs in the dominant muscles around the ankle, the foot rolls out and then the smaller muscles in the foot are required to kick in to stabilise the foot / ankle. When the smaller muscles activate (and subsequently fatigue), our toes grip, contributing to our blistering of the toes, the ball of our feet burning, the risk of falls and “grandma claw toes” forming over time.

By flipping conventional theories of high heel pain on it's head, Emily focused on providing support along the outside of the foot (rather than the arch) to prevent the foot and ankle from rolling out, a method which proved successful in minimising muscle fatigue and pain. The EB STILETTO was born.

Emily also recognises that flat shoes can be just as troublesome as high heels so has formulated the EB FLATS range, a luxurious insole for shoes under 4cm heel height that provides the perfect amount of support in shoes that otherwise wouldn’t provide adequate support or comfort i.e. ballet flats, mules, sandals, boots, kitten heels & sneakers.

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