Frequently asked questionS


What do I bring to my consultation? 

  • If you have any x-rays or imaging that is related to the pain you're exeriencing please bring these with you. 

  • If you have a written referral, please bring it with you (however a referral is not required)

  • Bring with you all your shoes you wear on a regular basis and to run / play sport in

  • Wear comfortable clothing that can be rolled up to show your knees

  • Your health fund card


What are the wear & care instructions for my orthotics?

At the fitting consultation we will provide instructions on how to wear your orthotics in slowly to ensure your body adjusts appropriately. Your orthotics should feel strange though not uncomfortable at the time we fit the orthotics and during the following fortnight you should adjust to having them in your shoes and they should feel supportive and comfortable. To care for your orthotics, make sure you take them out of wet shoes and dry them. If your orthotics require cleaning, you can use warm soapy water to wash them gently, then be sure to dry them well without exposure to direct sunlight. Please do not leave your orthotics in a hot car for an extended period of time.  


How often do I need to have my orthotics reviewed?

Your orthotics will need to be checked every 12-18 months, or within this period of time if a new pain or injury arises. We can change / tweak the prescription of the orthotic to unload / manage different areas and get you back on track. 


Can I order a second pair of orthotics? 

We can tweak your prescription to have your subsequent sets of customised orthotics fit specifically in other shoes i.e. work shoes, cleats, football boots, spikes etc rather than always transferring your orthotics from shoes to shoe. We offer a loyalty rate on subsequent pairs of orthotics @ $350 per pair. 

All you need to do is contact us via email or phone your nearest clinic. If the prescription is the same (or very similar) we can usually have the orthotic manufactured without a review appointment. If the changes you'd like to make are significant (orthotic much narrower / smaller / larger) then we may need to see you for a consultation before ordering the new orthotics. You will need to book an appointment for the fitting appointment.

If you no longer live in Sydney, please email us to discuss our shipping methods.


Can I claim Podiatry on my health insurance? 

If you have the appropriate cover on your health insurance then you will be able to claim a rebate for your consultations and orthotics on the spot via HICAPS. It may be best to ring your health insurance company to have your cover explained to you beforehand.