We provide a comprehensive assessment that includes identifying the site and source of the pain, walking / running gait assessment and dynamic tests to determine the functional behaviour of the injury. We undertake methodical tests to obtain a clinical diagnosis and then use strapping and paddings to ensure our diagnosis and management strategies are accurate. In the majority of our consults we are able to successfully clinically identify the source of the pain, diagnose a provisional diagnosis and determine the strategies required to create short and long-term pain resolve.

Further investigation / referral may be required if our clinical tests and short term strategies are inconclusive. 

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During your initial consultation we use appropriate functional tests (mostly dynamic) to determine the mechanical factors involved in your injury. If you’re a runner, we’ll get you running. If you’re a dancer, we’ll get you dancing. We’ll probably also get you hopping, squatting and walking. Once we have identified the key elements of your injury we apply modalities to create an immediate mechanical change with aim to obtain an immediate positive change in pain. We then re-test to ensure a significant reduction in pain. The findings of the functional tests provide the framework for our long-term management strategies. 

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We use a treadmill, ‘catwalk’ and stairs (as required) to assess your biomechanics and breakdown your gait cycle. Video gait analysis may be used to comprehensively educate you on your foot posture, biomechanical alignment, running technique and management plan.  After implementing your management strategies including strengthening, orthotic therapy and footwear we re-assess your gait and alignment. 

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We a motivated to get you back to peak performance as efficiently as possible. This includes comprehensive advice and strategies to obtain immediate pain reduction, as well as a detailed plan to ensure you return to activity in better form than pre-injury. Our philosophy is fit for life and aim to provide all of our patients with gold-standard care for joint, bone and soft-tissue protection. We work closely with other health-care providers i.e. Physiotherapists, Pilates, Sports Physicians, PT’s