Sometimes it is important to rest an injury completely to make sure your tissue has the ability to heal. Other times we only need to modify your activity through reducing your training sessions or changing your activity to be less load on your feet i.e. cycling.

Either way, when you're ready to return to sport it is imperative that you take a controlled and progressive approach to avoid re-injury or re-inflammation.

The components of successful lower limb injury management usually includes:

1. Tissue unloading (i.e. strapping, footwear changes, CAM boot, orthotic therapy) and RICE

2. Rehabilitation phase with controlled muscle activation and strengthening, tissue release and stretching

3. Progression of exercises to loaded activity

4. Return to run program gradually building distance, pace and sport specific exercise

5. Return to sport

Long-term management strategies i.e. ongoing strengthening and stretching exercises, gait retraining, modification of some exercises, footwear changes, orthotics for sports / casual / work.