An injury will often stem from an overload on a particular soft-tissue or bony structure. Overload can be caused by weakness of a muscle group, increased or decreased joint range-of-motion and compensatory mechanisms. External factors i.e. footwear and inappropriate training loads are also often contributing factors. 

After assessing your strength and flexibility during your comprehensive assessment we may identify that there are areas requiring strengthening, stretching, release and / or rehabilitation. If this is the case, we can tailor your management plan to improve your weak areas, stretch and release your tight areas, therefore allowing your injury to recover and reducing the risk of your pain returning.  

We will often prescribe functional pelvic stability exercises, lower limb and foot specific activation and strengthening exercises. We will employ the help of trusted practitioners i.e. Physiotherapy, Pilates and Yoga specialists if your pelvic and core strength requires such management.