Photo by Kikovic/iStock / Getty Images

Running footwear has been in the spotlight in recent years. Barefoot v shod, stability v flexible, free runs, Hoka One One's, light-weight trainers; big brand marketing teams adapt and adopt footwear concepts to be competitive in the ever-evolving athletic shoe market.

We see the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to footwear. We see the success stories and we see the failures. It is all-too-common that a shoe contributes to an injury, either overloading the bone or soft-tissue due to an ill-fit or inappropriate support structure.

Our team are up-to-date with the current research, as well as the current makes and models to aid in your recovery and overall foot comfort. For the ultimate injury outcomes, shoes need to be prescribed effectively, be fitted well and replaced regularly. 

We are highly experienced in marrying the appropriate footwear with foot function, sporting requirement, running technique and orthotic prescription to ensure your perfectly supported from the ground, up.