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We have underwritten our contemporary approach to orthotic therapy with over a decade of clinical experience. We believe that for the prevention and management of injury the foot should be assisted in replicating a normal range of movement (including pronation) via a flexible orthotic shell orthotic rather than blocking important movement patterns via a hard, unforgiving orthotic shell. 

Customised orthotics (a bespoke arch support placed within the shoe) have been prescribed for decades to treat foot, leg and back pain and improve foot posture. The universal podiatric teaching is to minimise movement of the foot, particularly pronation (rolling in), with an orthotic device placed in the shoe. Our experience has led us to adopt a different way of orthotic prescription, one that encourages the foot to function within a normal range of motion. 

By placing the foot into a neutral position via a flexible orthotic we allow muscles to fire as per normal, without reducing their ability to contribute to foot motion. The flexible orthotic will hold the foot where required, allow for a normal amount of pronation during mid stance and provide a spring-effect at toe-off. This ultimately leads to soft-tissue structures around the foot, ankle and lower limb to be unloaded, without over-correction or disrupting the normal gait patten. 

We offer variations of orthotics to ensure you have support in all of your shoes. 

  1. Customised Sports Orthotics - Made specifically to fit your running, netball, tennis, football, gym, spikes, jumping, hiking and ski boots.

  2. Customised Dress Orthotics - Modified dimensions to fit appropriate dress shoes, flats, boots, on-trend sneakers and men's business shoes.

  3. Off-the-shelf insole for fashionable shoes - Designed by our founder Emily Smith for women’s shoes that do not fit your customised orthotics including high heels and flats, so you can enjoy the diversity of footwear trends without the side-effects.