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After graduating from the University of Western Sydney in 2004 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Podiatry, Trent had the privilege of practicing in both regional NSW and Tasmania before settling in his hometown of Sydney. He provides treatment, management and advice on all aspects of podiatric care for elite and social athletes, as well as active individuals with foot or lower limb related pathology.

Trent has been consulting with Penrith Panthers since 2013 and has consulted to the Sydney International Tennis tournament since 2010. He consults from Sydney Sports Medicine Centre and Balmain Sports Medicine; two of Sydney's top multidisciplinary sports clinics. Trent also works with the Australian Defence Force and is responsible for walking and running gait analysis of the members and orthotic therapy to correct malalignment contributing to lower limb injury, helping to prepare members for operation. 

Having grown up playing high level tennis, Trent's competitive spirit was reignited by participating against his Uni mates in long distance events including the Port Macquarie Ironman, numerous Half Ironman events, Point to Pinnacle and the Gold Coast Marathon. Now with two kiddlets at toe, Trent enjoys HIIT and strength-based training and enjoys the post-workout piccolo. 

Trent has developed an intricate knowledge of orthotic, exercise and footwear prescription for all forms of lower limb injuries and prides himself on providing the highest level of patient care.

Saturdays and evening appointments are available upon request.

e: trent@sportspodiatrists.com.au